Terms and Condition

CENIT warrants to the purchaser that its products have been carefully inspected, and are warranted to be free from defect of workmanship and materials when used as intended. The warranties are subject to proper installation and maintenance in accordance with the instructions supplied.

Any abuse or misuse contrary to normal operation shall void this warranty.

CENIT warranty does not cover damages caused by installation in areas with other than normal temperatures and environmental conditions per application specifications. All warranty shall cease to apply if changes have been made to the product, parts replaced or consumables used, which do not comply with the original specifications.


CENIT shall assume no responsibility for any damage to people, property, apparatus or otherwise resulting from improper installation or maintenance of its products. Warranty coverage shall not apply to any equipment of another manufacturer used in conjunction with ZGC products. Warranty does not cover damages caused by abuse, fire or acts of God.


CENIT’s sole obligation under this limited warranty is to repair or replace any defective parts or products, at its discretion, provided that such defective parts or products are brought to its attention within the specified warranty time period, and does not include any other costs such as removal of defective parts or product, installation,

shipping & transportation, labor or consequential damages of any kind, the exclusive remedy being to require such new parts or products to be furnished.

All other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability or warranties of fitness for any particular purpose we hereby disclaim.


Warranty Period:

Product Warranty commences on the date when the delivery of item/s is signed received. Supply and Install Warranty commences from the date of commissioning (Certificate of Acceptance). Each product will have the following standard warranty period:

Product Category
Lighting Fixture 2 years (LED fixture sold by set)
1 year (conventional fixture sold by set)
Water Appliance 1 year (installed by certified technician)
Kitchen Accesories 3 months (moving parts only ex. hinges)


EXEMPTIONS: The following products are exemptions to the warranty coverage.

These are sold without warranty. Incandescent and halogen lamps