Delivery and Shipping

It is the customer’s responsibility to receive the delivery within the above-stated delivery window. This includes endorsing the delivery to your lobby guard or subdivision guard.

CENIT Lighting or third party courier will not be held liable for spoilage or breakage due to improper handling and storage of products. Once duly received and accepted, it is presumed to have been received in good condition, unless otherwise immediately pointed out at the time of receipt of items delivered.

Undelivered items resulting from client negligence (no one was available to receive the delivery) shall be returned to the commissary. Should the client wish to reschedule the delivery to a later time or the following morning, he/she will pay the necessary additional delivery fees.

Change in desired delivery schedule/dates must be communicated to delivery officers 24hrs prior.

When applicable, parking fees and entrance fees to subdivisions/villages/buildings/condos shall be shouldered by the client and should be declared beforehand.